In the field of denim fashion for over 40 years

The company was founded in 1975 in Monaterolo del Castello in the province of Bergamo and has been operating for over 40 years in the denim and casual men / women fashion market in national and European markets.

Comfort and style

Trouser specialists

The products are born from passion, professionalism and experience, with production exclusively Made in Italy.

Dedicated to a unique and attentive public, it is intended for women and men who love comfort but do not want to remain stylish.

Made in Italy

Comfort and style

Passion and

Over 40 years
of experience

Research and care in details

Research is always the starting point, focusing on the quality of the materials, the outstanding attention to detail and a particular attention to the fit of each figure.

Knowledge and technique

The knowledge of fabrics and working techniques supported by a continuous research of fashion trends, are the ingredients with which the brand manages to bring together tradition and innovation.

Design Made in Italy

Inside each garment, a soul

A strong brand, with an Italian design that, in addition to tailoring skills, is able to manage and understand the entire production process of the garment.

Our designers are first to give life to the collection of garments, everything else is careful with constant care: quality control and attention to the smallest of details are the secret ingredients of the Made in Italy brand's success.
The result of this rigorous research and the undisputed refinement of the garments made, are the combination that brings Iber Jeans to be recognized at national and European level as a high quality brand, with high style.
A fashion company based on solid foundations, emotionally generous, a team of professionals, meticulous and creative, who give their all to ensure a unique product of its kind.

A product that lasts over time

Thanks to the entirely Italian production, to the realisation of models and exclusive projects of the Company, to the adoption of typical Italian traditional workmanships, to the use of raw materials and first choice quality components, Iber Jeans satisfies the requests for a product that lasts in the time.
A Made in Italy production characterised by quality, research and tradition, is always a reference point for our customers.